NBK: Nationalbank Konto

Samfundet har brug for et demokratisk banksystem.

For alle personer og virksomheder oprettes en konto hos Nationalbanken, NBK

"When you deposit money in an account at a financial institution, you are in effect becoming a lender—letting the bank have use of your funds—and the institution effectively becomes a borrower." source: investopedia

"Money is something that you can pay your taxes with" , CSFI paper

"The purpose of the taxes is to create a demand for the money and the purpose of removing that money from the economy is to prevent inflation" , Warren Mosler

"Digital currency is a political issue as much as a technological issue" , CSFI paper

A form of global digital currency could be “the answer to the destabilising dominance of the US dollar in today’s global monetary system", Jackson Holem: Governor of the Bank - CSFI paper